Athena Wireless Node

Athena Wireless Node

Tiny Controller. Tremendous Power.

The Athena wireless node—interoperable, adaptable, and built for what’s next. This coin-sized, integrated fixture control brings wireless flexibility, ever-advancing performance, and breakthrough lighting control to Athena systems.

Across-the-Board Compatibility

Simplify fixture control and on-the-job redesigns. The Athena wireless node is compatible with DALI 2 Type 6 and Type 8 and 0-10V. It’s designed to meet the open, globally accepted D4i standard, so almost any fixture can be wirelessly Athena-enabled.

Wireless Flexibility

Make design changes pre- or post-occupancy without having to rewire. With a network of Athena wireless nodes, design and iterate freely, without the restrictions of wired zones, quickly adapt lighting for events, or fully transform the layout of your space.

Cloud-Connected and Secure

Gain features and functionality over time. With Athena’s cloud-connected back end, Athena wireless node gets continuous software upgrades as they’re released, unlocking new system capabilities. Because Lutron encrypts and authenticates all updates with signed-processor firmware, the system stays bank-grade secure.