Ballast Retrofit Kits

Ballast Retrofit Kit

Lutron Ballast Retrofit Kits by C-Flex

Lutron ballast retrofit kits by C-Flex include lamps and drivers pretested for compatibility and performance. Available from Lutron, ship in less than four weeks.

Why Choose Retrofit Kits?

Kits simplify design and reduce installation steps. Order just one model number, and Installation is a simple 1:1 replacement of lamps and ballasts with no new wiring to fixtures and controls and no permits necessary.

Changing Laws

New laws introduced in some U.S. states and Canada will restrict or ban the sale of fluorescent lamps, and Lutron will stop selling fluorescent dimming ballasts by the end of 2023.

Industry Standards

LEDs are the design standard in commercial buildings. As replacing fluorescent lamps and ballasts gets difficult, kits make upgrades easy.

More Sustainable

LEDs contain no mercury, offer long lamp life and enhanced energy savings, and can be retrofit using existing controls and wiring.

Key Offerings

Options are available for all popular fluorescent lamp type and fixture configurations.

Lamp Types

Replace T8, T5, T5HO, Twin Tube(Biax) and Compact Lamp Options.

Fixture Configurations

Kits Available for 1-, 2- and 3- Lamp Fixtures.

Lamp Lengths

2′, 3′, 4′ Lamp Lengths.


3 Wire Ecosystem

Order & Install in 3 Simple Steps


Note model number, control wire colors, and lamp temperature. Enter into the Look Up Tool to choose the best kit for your project.


Kits are in stock and available from Lutron is less than one week. Place an order with your Lutron distributor or rep.


Simple 1:1 installation – no new wiring needed!