Light Without Limits

Beautiful, tunable, and customizable, Ketra is a revolution in LED lighting. Built from scratch and boasting dozens of patented innovations, our advanced system opens up a whole new world for today’s designers —and supports how humans experience indoor environments in the modern age.

Tune Light in Every Way Imaginable

Light embodies mood—and Ketra sets the tone perfectly. Conjure the warm glow of an incandescent, the enchanting cool of moonlight, or an immersive new world of your own creation with advanced Dynamic Spectrum control.

Color You Can Count On

With other LED solutions, colors can degrade over time—or mismatch if diodes are sourced from multiple manufacturers. Ketra’s Color Lock actively preserves color throughout the life of the light.

Create Natural Light
From firelight to twilight, all natural light seamlessly follows the black body curve and so does Ketra. Dynamically produce accurate natural light that rises and falls with your daily rhythms.

Discover Vibrancy
Watch the objects and colors in your space burst to life with Ketra Vibrancy —a breakthrough capability that adjusts the recipe of white light to enhance finishes, furnishings, artwork, and more.

Experience Natural Dimming
Ours is the first LED solution to warm naturally as it dims. How? Only Ketra continues to access all 17MM colors in our color palette all the way down the black body curve to 0.1%.