An uncompromising solution. The Athena lighting control system empowers architects, lighting designers, electrical engineers, and facility managers with a native network of lighting, lighting controls, shades, and cloud-connected software that deliver exceptional experiences and building management.

Architected for Natural Light

Foster well-being throughout the interior, emphasize connection to the outdoors, and improve building efficiency with dynamic, day-synchronized light and shade control. The Athena system works with Lutron automated shades and Athena wireless nodes to make minute, real-time changes to light color, intensity, and shade position in order to emulate the cycles of the sun, while mitigating glare, reducing thermal gain, and maintaining views to the exterior.

Engineered for Comprehensive Growth

Tackle the largest, most demanding projects on the globe—all at once or a little at a time. A built-from-the-ground-up modular data system creates the building blocks for Athena scalability—by room, floor, or building—meaning the Athena system now easily exceeds what any prior Lutron solution could handle before.