LED & Dimmers

Set the light just right with Lutron LED+ dimmer switches

Lutron dimmer switches can enhance any family activity in your home by providing just the right light, at the touch of a finger. With over 250 lighting levels, creating the perfect light is easy, whether you’re tackling homework, sitting down to dinner, watching a movie, or sneaking in a late-night snack.
Because, life happens between on and off.

Explore Lutron Dimmer Switches

Create just the light you want

With over 250 lighting levels, each dimmer gives you the control you need to get just the right amount of light.

Dimmers that enhance your décor

Lutron dimmers come in 27 different colors, so that finishing touch to a room can blend in or stand out.

Designed for dimmable LEDs

Our engineers have tested thousands of bulbs, across dozens of brands, to ensure flawless dimming regardless of what’s in the socket, even with hard-to-manage LEDs.

1st Choice of Lighting Professionals*

Recognized and respected reliability from those who install dimmers every day.

Choosing a dimmer switch that’s right for you.

We offer a variety of dimmers in different styles and colors (up to 27) across two finishes, gloss and satin. To find the best options for you, use our easy product selector. You won’t need to worry about bulb type, because every Lutron LED dimmer works with dimmable LEDs, as well as incandescent and halogen bulbs.

Choosing a new dimmer? Start with the bulb.

Dimmers work by adjusting the light output of bulbs, and just as it matters what dimmer you choose for reliable performance, it matters which bulb you choose, too. Check out our bulb compatibility tool to see which dimmer will work best with your existing bulbs, or which bulbs will work best with your new Lutron dimmer.